Dr. Paez’s Nutrition Consulting Objective:

To provide a nutritional plan that within 3 months increases a person’s understanding of nutrition, self-empowerment around food and improve their biological function.

Good Nutrition supplies basic building blocks the body needs to renew, rebuild, strengthen and heal. An effective nutritional program depends on many factors. A knowledgeable guide is an important key to your success.

Nutritional Program options:

Nutritional guidance should be effective and straightforward. Dr. Paez has created two simple choices based on depth and pace of your goals:


  • Full analysis of over-reflex points

  • Nutritional and support recommendations

  • Discussion on prioritizing problem areas

  • $144 Exam & Report

The analysis is done through testing the body’s own neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. The neurological reflexes are derived from the part of the nervous system whose job is to regulate the functions of each and every organ…

Basic Nutrition

  • 15-20 minute sessions

  • Brief overview of Nutritional deficiencies

  • Basic, simple solutions

  • $22/session

If you need a little kick start or reassurance that what you are doing is on track with your goals, our 10-20 minute Basic Nutrition sessions may be just the thing for you. We use muscle testing, analysis of your daily food intake and supplement review to produce guidelines and recommendations to improve your health…

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