Brain-Based Posture Correction Program

Brain-based Posture Correction is a revolutionary corrective therapy that focuses on the neurology of the posture system through the analysis and correction of the Eyes, Spine, & Vestibular Systems. It is the most effective postural correction system in the world. This system applies the concepts of chiropractic, physical therapy and massage into one integrated posture correcting approach.

Why Correct Bad Posture?

Your posture plays a pivotal role in your emotional state, your self-confidence, how others perceive you, the health of your nervous system, the proper functioning of your internal organs, and the innate ability of your body to repair itself and stay healthy in order for you to function at your best. Excellent posture helps you make a great first impression as you present yourself to the world as both thriving and full of confidence. Poor posture creates and perpetuates painful conditions and puts unnecessary stress and strain on virtually every aspect of your health and well-being.


Common Signs and Symptoms of Bad Posture

  • One or more joint problems on the same side of the body
  • Upper back pain and tension that is progressively getting worse
  • Shoulder pain from an old injury that doesn’t get better
  • Neck pain, headaches, jaw clenching, stubborn “knots” in your muscles and sensitivity to light
  • Back pain along with chest discomfort (cardiac assessment is clear)
  • Low back discomfort that is to getting worse with prolonged sitting
  • You find yourself slouching, slumping or generally not feeling like you’re sitting or standing up straight
  • The activities you were able to do, now cause you discomfort






Our Approach

A comprehensive 6 part brain-based examination is performed to establish neurological deficits. Key postural muscles are assessed for strength or weakness and suppleness or tightness. A digital standing posture analysis is taken with specific protocols to reveal your true posture.

What you can expect from our Posture Correction Program

  1. Corrective adjustments to re-stabilize spinal and peripheral joints
  2. Muscle lengthening therapy (akin to massage)
  3. Exercises and stretches designed to correct your unique brain-based postural distortions
  4. Analysis and education on habitual daily patterns that undermine proper maintenance of good posture
  5. Greater than 90% success rate for posture correction and pain relief

Re-examinations every 30-45 days are important to monitor your improvement and to enable us to modify and refine correction as your posture improves. Expect a definitive beginning and end time frame for your corrective care program.

What has been said about Dr. Paul and Brain-based Posture Correction Program

“I didn’t realize how bad my posture really was until I saw my posture picture. Once Dr. Paul explained the connection between my numerous pains and my posture I understood for the first time how much my posture was playing a key role to my getting better. I can’t believe noone has ever shown this all to me before. I was thrilled to know there was an answer and now after only a few sessions I can feel what it is like to have my body back and more importantly to have hope again! I know if more people had this kind of care it would change their lives too.”

Dr. Paul Paez is a Certified Posture Expert, Certified Posture Neurologist and Certified Posture Ergonomist through the American Posture Institute, the world’s leading provider of post-graduate Posture Education for healthcare professionals. As a certified Posture Expert and Posture Neurologist Dr. Paul offers an integrated approach to correcting posture that is comprehensive and effective.

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