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Stop having back pain at your work station!

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VIP gives you the tools and motivation using the latest anaylsis and research to relieve neck, back pain and headaches from poor posture at the workstation.

We’ve helped thousands of people be free of pain from poor ergonomics and keep it that way!

Person Centered, Not equipment focused



We use the latest research and technology called Neuroergonomics.

Cutting edge, Brain-Based Evaluation


With solutions that will clear mind fatigue, physical discomfort you will experience a happier, more engaged work experience.

Studies show 43% increase in productivity with improved ergonomics!


Start feeling better fast, Completed evaluation results

within 3 days!

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Why evaluate your Posture Workspace?

Are you sitting at your workstation, then driving in your car to go home only to sit at home some more? The average American sits more than 7.8 hours every day! These hours of sitting are co-related to chronic diseases with a terminal ending.

The general condition is called Sitting Disease. Seating Disease is the new smoking. It’s talked about on television, social media and everyday in the workplace. Sedentary positions such as driving, sitting at work and sitting at home lead to poor posture from poor ergonomic positions. 90% of Americans suffer from postural distortion patterns and 48% of men will die early due to Sitting Disease! You maybe working for your family only to be sacrificing your health. Stressed at work with poor posture and poor ergonomics can lead to headaches, neck pain, back pain, depression and even early mortality.

OLD Model vs NEW Model of Posture Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of people at work. The goal of ergonomics is to reduce stress eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture, and repeated tasks. This is accomplished by designing tasks, work spaces, controls, displays, tools, lighting, and equipment to fit the employee’s physical capabilities and limitations (CDC 2016). Psychologists use science and research to better understand what people expect and how people interact with technology to create safe, more effective and more reliable systems. Until now ergonomists have focused on worker’s structural and behavioral health in the workplace. The new model of Ergonomics adds Neuroergonomics in optimization of high performance. Unlike other workspace evaluations, the Virtual Posture Workspace Evaluation combines Neuroergonomics thereby updating the old model to a 4 core component approach: Functional, Postural, Brain-based and Environmental.



  • Only focuses on Environmental – Completely lacking in the most important aspect: evaluation of the brain-based human function.
  • Boring – We have all seen the boring, generic, overused pictures of a seated person with lines point from their eyes to their computer.  This is an old story and frankly a boring one. There is new data and research that brings life to ergonomics.
  • Sitting Disease – There are thousands suffering from a new epidemic called Sitting Disease that has prevailed despite the existence of the old posture ergonomic model. The old model is incomplete and looks to mechanise the worker instead of considering the person from a vitalistic perspective.



  • Cutting Edge – As a Posture Ergonomist I have studied the components of ergonomics and combined them with the most important neuroscience, postural design, and human function to bring you the best options on the planet for ergonomics. These are custom recommendations NOT generic advice.
  • 100% Online – Quit hurting at work, spending money on treatments that fail to address the root cause, and losing quality time from your family because of health issues.  This evaluation is 100% online, you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Easy To Implement – No overly complicated, hard to implement solutions. This is straight forward, practical and easy to implement.  Send your workspace images, I will send you back my recommendations and you can implement changes immediately!
  •  Feel the difference– Better posture at your workspace means better health. Sitting Disease can be stopped and you can feel, look and move healthier. You can relieve chronic discomfort and repetitive work injuries, muscle fatigue and loss of work. You can be more productive in a shorter period of time. Your energy will increase helping you to be more productive and effective at your workspace. By addressing your workstation using the 4 core component approach you will have a holistic answer to optimize your health.


Click here if you are NEW TO POSTURE ERGONOMICS and want to know the basics about workspace ergonomics. I have a ton of information for you including: photo gallery and free posture articles. If you are eager to fast track your evaluation in postural ergonomics, click here.


Postural Ergonomics consists of 4 core components:


  Functional                    Postural        Brain-Based              Environmental



Your ability to perform functional human movements within your working environment without putting yourselve at risk for injury.


Evaluating your Postural Design while in your workspace environment.


Cultivate improved focus and cognitive function while at work, helping to prevent neural fatigue and enabling performance at a higher level.


Evaluating your workspace design and how that design impacts the other 3 components of Postural Ergonomics.

What you get with your Virtual Posture Workspace Evaluation

  • Assessment of your posture at your workstation
  • 30 point Brain-based evaluation
  • Digitally analyzed picture with summary report
  • Personalized exercises and stress management tools
  • Free 30 minute follow-up audio or video chat

How we do this online

Once you enroll in the Virtual Posture Workstation Evaluation you will receive step by step instructions on how to take an accurate picture of your workstation. Our posture wellness questionnaire will be sent to help isolate common patterns of dysfunction affecting your well-being while at work. Once we receive your picture either through our download page or email we will apply our brain-based analysis using 30 different points of common postural distortion patterns. We match the information we gather with solutions to improve, correct and optimize your posture position. Giving you a course of action you can implement immediately.

What kind of results can I expect?

Many of our clients have reported to us loving this online evaluation. They were thrilled to save money on travel and to find an expert to personally evaluate their workstation. Many people experienced a reduction to complete relief of chronic back problems, headaches, arm and wrist pain and work fatigue. Overall clients who implemented corrections from the online workstation evaluation said they felt more energy by the end of a work day, greater flexibility in their bodies and were happier during their day.

” I was truly impressed with what Dr. Paul could do online. His evaluation helped me address my bad posture which was causing more physical and emotional problems than I realized. I’ve never had anyone give me so much detailed advice and recommendations about my posture. I would highly recommend you do this assessment, it’s worth it” – Joanna